Specialist Property Inventory Service

AJG Inventories provide inventory services to a wide range of clients including Private Landlords, Letting Agents, Housing Association’s and Councils.

What we do

Frank Gourlay is a qualified property inventory specialist. Having worked in the property market for over 30 years Frank offers a professional and individual inventory service.

Initial Inventory Check-In service

During the initial inventory check-in service, AJG Inventories personally accompanies the tenant to go over the property highlighting the condition and standard of the property, as well as its contents. This is completed prior to the tenant taking occupancy of the property. This report is then sent to the agent or landlord.

FREE Secondary Property Check

3 months after the tenant has moved into the property AJG Inventories will revisit the property FREE of charge and review the condition of the property this secondary report will be sent to the agent or landlord.

Inventory Check Out Service

At the end of the tenancy, AJG Inventories will re-inspect the property, comparing the present condition with the original report.

During this re-inspection, areas identified as damage and areas considered the effect of fair wear and tear, are recorded.  This re-inspection also records the cleanliness of the property and any missing content items. The complete Inventory Check-Out Report will record any changes that occurred throughout the tenancy. Meter reading records and keys returned are also included.

Any damage or cleaning related issues noted in the check out report, is backed by time-stampled photographic evidenace. This makes the report legally binding and a supportive document for any claims.

Copies of this report are given to the landlord, estate agent and the respective tenants.

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